Who we are:

We have 18 years experience in the Smalltalk area, we are past maintainers of the Squeak Macintosh VM, creators of the Macintosh Cocoa VM for both OS-X & IOS, and now we are experts in IOS application development.

What we do:

Custom iOS App development:

We have over 30 apps in the Apple iOS App store, ranging from custom work for Blank Space Inc, to complex games such as Parcours, or apps like WorldPulse which has an Amazon AWS front end, with a GemStone & Seaside SSL based backend.

Based on decades of experience we can scale into your complex demands by offering a one stop solution for iOS app development.

Smalltalk VM tuning:

We have consulted on a weekly or yearly basis to the world’s largest private or government run Smalltalk projects providing expertise in VM memory management, and performance tuning.

Our iOS Apps:

We also do serious business applications like LargeViewer that solves drawing related performance issues for large sheet drawings, blueprints, maps or panoramic photos created by your CAD or mapping system. These provide real world productivity gains for people in the electrical utility industry, or construction & engineering domain. We also  provide the ability to view multi-page TIFF/TIF files from simple faxes to other exotic file types like FITS based astronomy images up to hundreds of mega-pixels. 

Given our expertise in virtual machine experience, and working closely with the mobile device hardware our achievements are more apparent if you consider the size complexity our Well Logs app can deal with as a 14 inch by 75 foot roll of paper, or it’s companion for viewing Aeronautical Charts.


In our dealings with Apple Inc, we have set a number of precedences such as clarifying virtual machine (VM) usage and interpreters on iOS via Scratch.app  Along with creating the first WikiServer on IOS, and the first Smalltalk based fractions calculator. Out of this we have developed a good working relationship with the Apple Store App approval team.


John M McIntosh  johnmci at smalltalkconsulting com

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